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Thousands Of Bugs Were Just Stolen From A Philadelphia Museum In The Oddest Of Heists

Here Butterfly Pavilion and the Philadelphia Insectarium on Frankford Avenue revealed its latest heartbreak after about 7,000 bugs were stolen by the museum. The Police have revealed that it be an inside job and the discovery was made security footage showed workers and following the museum was found empty.

During the week of August 20th, 7,000 bugs, insects, lizards, and poisonous spiders were stolen from Butterfly Pavilion and the Philadelphia Insectarium. All of the stolen critters from the museum’s collection’s worth accounted 80 to 90% of the Insectarium’s collection and is said to be roughly $40,000 dollars. Several insects returned and are recovered during the last couple of weeks. Police visited the homes of at least four current or former employees, where several of the insects were discovered.


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