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Oldest Person in The World Passes Away at 117

One of the most important and powerful modern phenomenon’s today comes from the lifespan of the people today. While going back even a century or two had people passing on in their 30s, 40s, and 50s with regularity, today it’s common to see people live well beyond 70. Indeed, many people manage to make it to the centenary these days; something that would never have sounded even vaguely possible a century or so ago.

With so many people benefiting from increased living quality, despite the obvious problems that we face as a species, some people live far beyond the 100 age these days. Take the story of Nabi Tajima, who lived until she was 117 before passing on in late April 2018. She is, at the time of writing, the third oldest person to have ever lived!

Given the incredible dietary benefits of the Japanese lifestyle, many people in the nation tend to live to very long ages. Tajima, too, benefited from a rich and full family life. She had seven sons and two daughters. This extended family life no doubt had a major role to play in the fact that she lived and prospered for so long.

As the oldest living person on the planet when she died, Tajima leaves a rich and historical legacy on the world. Indeed, it’s quite interesting to note that Violet Brown & Emma Morano were the oldest people in the world prior to Tajima. Both were also 117, so it appears to be the age limit for the human body as far as modern standards allow us to see!

Now, it’s fallen to Chiyo Miyako as the oldest living person, according to the Gerontology Research Group. The oldest living man, for reference, is Masazo Nonaka. He is 112, and is from the north of Japan.

While it was sad that the Guinness Book of World Records were never able to formally recognize Tajima in life, they’ll surely be able to do something for her in death. Rest in peace, Nabi!

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