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How to Wear Sneakers and Still Look Fashionable

How to Wear Sneakers and Still Look Fashionable

Posted by tuan on March 8th, 2019

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Wearing sneakers is so comfortable, but if worn the wrong way it can look very tacky and not at all fashionable. Here’s how to wear sneakers and still look good

You don’t always have to sacrifice comfort on the altar of fashion.

Sneaker fashion has become a boom subject in fashion over recent years, riding on a wave of comfort and a little 90s nostalgia. Big name brands have leaned into it hard. But it’s a fact that it’s still easy to wear sneakers the wrong way.

We’ve got you. Here’s how to wear sneakers and still look fashionable.

Go Big or Go Home
The easiest way to wear sneakers as a fashion item is to go designer and stick with big-name brands.

There’s a world of difference between wearing a pair of broken down sneakers and, say, designer sneakers from Jared Lang. The former suggests you can’t afford a fashion upgrade — or that you didn’t expect to leave your house today.

With the latter, there’s no denying you’re making an intentional statement. So treat your sneakers less like a pair of old slippers and more like the fashion item they are. Be prepared to spend extra to ensure you’re on-trend.

Keep Them Clean
There’s nothing that brings down a pair of sneakers like letting them cake with dirt. White sneakers are the worst hit by a lazy owner, but any sneaker will look less like a fashion item and more like a pair of hand-me-downs if you don’t keep them clean.

A brush, wet cloth, or even a baby wipe can be enough to clean a sneaker in a pinch. There’s no excuse for looking like you’re fresh off a football field.

Dirty sneakers will bring down a whole outfit, and you with them.

Consider Color

Color is everything in the sneaker game right now, and it’s become a matter of extremes. Current trends favor two complete opposites: either monochrome sneakers in black or white or sneakers in loud, boisterous colors.

The point is that your sneakers should either underscore an outfit or make a loud statement, becoming a centerpiece. Don’t split the difference.

Stay away from sneakers in muted, indecisive colors. There are a few exceptions for sneakers in semi-formal colors, like navy blue or brown. But as a general rule, you need to aim for monochrome or pull off color with confidence.

Remember Context

No, sneakers will never work at hyper-formal occasions. Stop trying.

Sneakers aren’t the footwear of choice for a business meeting or a wedding. They just can’t carry off that level of formality. Even if you perform a miracle and match them with a formal outfit, you’ll still look like you cared more about your outfit than the social context.

Stick to wearing sneakers in suitable contexts. That’s not as limiting as it sounds, because smart sneakers can still work for everything up to the most formal events depending on style.

How to Wear Sneakers the Right Way

If you love your sneakers but don’t want to bring down your outfit, then remember these tips on how to wear sneakers the right way. You might even set a new trend with your peers.
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