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Get Ready For A Massive Swarm Of Cicadas To Invade Parts Of Ohio This Spring

They lurk beneath the trees—underground and out of sight—awaiting the perfect, warm spring night. They arrive in swarms, crawling up out of the earth in billions. They sing a loud, distinct song.

Cicadas in Ohio are impossible to ignore, especially when they arrive in 17-year swarms. If you don’t remember the last cicada swarm Ohio experienced, this year is your chance to see what it’s like. A specific brood of cicadas are predicted to emerge in a handful of Ohio counties this spring. Check it out:

They’ve been waiting for 17 years—and soon they’ll be here. Once the soil eight inches beneath the ground reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the cicadas will emerge.

In spite of their large size and startling appearance, cicadas cannot bite or sting. Their only defense is emerging by the billions. And although they take 17 years to emerge, their life span above ground is about six weeks.

Brood VIII cicadas (commonly referred to as 17-year cicadas), will arrive by the billions this spring in western Pennsylvania, the eastern edge of Ohio and the tip of West Virginia, according to This particular brood hasn’t emerged since 2002.

It’s common to see hundreds (or even thousands) in the same area. The last year Ohio saw a significant swarm was 2016, when Brood V cicadas swarmed in much of Ohio and parts of Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The cicadas are expected to arrive on the eastern edge of Ohio by mid-May. One ideal spot to look for them would be Beaver Creek State Park (pictured). Particular counties expected to experience the swarm are Columbiana, Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula.

Are you ready for the next cicada invasion? What memories do you have of cicada swarms in Ohio? Share your photos and stories with us!

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