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‘Don Jr. and Eric Trump’ Stop By Weekend Update Summer Edition To Tout Father’s Achievements

On Thursday night, President Trump‘s sons made an appearance on SNL’s Weekend Update Summer Edition to promote some of their father’s successes so far during his presidency.

“ISIS is on the ropes,” Donald Trump Jr. (played by Mikey Day) began, “the border has never been more secure, and the story of the summer-”

“When you met with the Russians?” asked Eric Trump (played by Alex Moffat).

“No, Eric,” Don Jr. corrected him. “No one cares about my meeting with the Russians anymore.”

“But last week you got some peanuts,” Eric shot back.

“It’s a subpoena,” Don Jr. corrected his brother again.

Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost asked Don Jr. to comment on the ongoing Russia investigation.

“The whole story is a nothing burger,” Don Jr. responded. “Yes, I went to the meeting, but nothing illegal happened. It’s like on To Catch a Predator… Guy shows up to a house with a 12-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, turns out it’s a sting. Guy shouldn’t get in trouble because nothing happened!”

Jost then asked him about the misleading statement his father reportedly helped him craft.

“All my father did was give me some advice,” Don Jr. clarified. “He said, ‘Son, go out there and tell the truth.’”

“And then he winked!” Eric blurted out.

Don Jr. then gave Eric a fidget spinner to play with.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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