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Annabel Langbein Made Guests of New Zealander of The Year Awards Laugh

The 11th year of New Zealander of The Year Awards became a meeting point of many outstanding people. Seeing Annabel Langbein among them was a pleasant surprise for many of her fans. Annabel enjoyed the attention of her admirers, smiling and talking to her fans and colleagues.

The famous chef couldn’t hide her excitement and that made her look very sincere and touching. When Annabel made an announcement, her fans and guests of the event couldn’t hold back their tears. The incredible woman has a unique talent to touch the hearts of people with simple and sincere words.

Guests met Annabel’s announcement with a cry of admiration and loud applause. Annabel thanked her team, family, and fans and promised to keep moving forward, creating new recipes, books, and projects.

Best chef Of New Zealand

An outsider may wonder how a chef can become as famous, loved, and respected as Annabel Langbein is in her native New Zealand. However, the more you learn about this strong woman, the harder it’s to stay apart from an army of her devoted fans.

Being humble and quite a down-to-earth person, Annabel looks just like your friendly neighbor and this gives her some special charm. Annabel is an author of unique recipes that reflect cooking traditions of the Kiwi community and her own unique culinary approach. She’s a co-creator and a host of popular culinary shows that are watched all over the world.

Each year of Annabel’s career is marked with new books, awards, and achievements. Being so different from typical business sharks, she builds her own brand, doing things she loves and enjoys. ‘I’ve only been myself!’, – Annabel says when she’s asked about the secret of her soaring success. 

Born to be what she is

If you want to be a chef, you shall go to culinary school or join special courses. If you want to repeat the way of Annabel Langbein, you have to live her life from the very beginning. The future celebrity has always been surrounded by things that inspire her.

Her father had a big kitchen garden with lots of fresh greens that made Annabel in love with gardening. Growing up among vegetable patches, beehives, and apple trees, the woman dreamed to share her passion for gardening and harvesting with others. And she managed to do it.

Culinary shows of Annabel are imbued with her special philosophy. She connects home gardening with cooking in a very natural way, just because it’s the only way she believes real delights can be created.

Things we don’t know about Annabel

Annabel is mostly known as a chef, book author, and TV host. It seems like she’s always been there on her cozy kitchen, cooking tastiest treaties and sharing her inspirational advice. However, Annabel Langbein has other sides that only a few people know about.

Annabel is a feminist and human right activist. She helps thousands of women against domestic violence and supports Kiwi communities. Moreover, Annabel started a campaign against genetically modified food to fight for our rights to eat healthy, rich in microelements fruit and vegetables.

When Annabel is asked why she spends so much time, caring about others, she says it makes her life has some sense and smiles back with one of her special smiles.

Home-cooked food as a life philosophy

For many of us, food is just another way to stop feeling hungry. Eating on the go and buying fast-food became a part of our culture. People like Annabel came to change such an attitude. She wants to remind us that having a meal shall be way different.

‘Food unites people’, – she says. Annabel believes that a dining table is the best place to gather as a family or friends. ‘We meet, we talk, we share our memories and special moments together.’ – she explains.

In that meaning, home-cooked food is another way to say ‘I love you’, to show your care. This adds special sense to Annabel’s recipes that make us use healthy ingredients only. ‘Spread love and you will be loved back’, – these words can describe the fascinating life and success of Annabel Langbein.

New beginnings

Annabel has always been a curious and very energetic person. ‘U never know what you can do before you start,’ – she encourages her fans in one of her recent interviews. No doubts these words have often become a motto for Annabel.

The celebrity confessed she was ready for new beginnings. While Annabel is never planning to stop cooking and promoting her culinary philosophy, she’s also thinking about some new projects that would not be connected to kitchen and gardening.

Now, Annabel is creating articles for travel magazines and popular sites. Perhaps, her next projects will be aimed at showing us the beauty of the world and sharing some traveling experience.

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