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Annabel Inspired the Audience with a Grand Vision at the New Zealander of the Year Ceremony

New Zealander of the Year Awards was marked with the inspiring speech of Annabelle Langbein this year.

A New Zealand celebrity cook, food writer, and publisher Annabel Rose Langbein inspired everyone lucky to see her participation at the New Zealander of the Year Awards event. She is an example of real diligence, hard work, patience, and zeal.

Annabelle’s appearance at the event caused loud applauses and a massive excitement. She shared her experience of writing 25 cookbooks and creating her multiple TV series. Not only New Zealanders but her fans from over 90 countries were happy to hear her speech. There is no wonder while her The Free Range Cook TV series is so popular in all those countries.

If you don’t like to cook, you will surely want to try one of Langbein’s receipts, while her mission is to make kitchen and cooking accessible and simple to everyone. Her dishes are healthy and tasty. Every cuisine creation by Annabelle is cooked of fresh seasonal ingredients.

And we are not surprised with it because she spent her early life off the land cooking over an open fire when being a foundation member of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand.

Annabelle Langbein has her fans in the USA and UK, too. She used to write for a couple of magazines and even appeared on The Today Show in the USA and Saturday Kitchen in the UK. Langbein’s multiple awards say that people’s love toward her is unlimited. Back in 2016, she won the People’s Choice Award for Best Home Chef in a TV Series at the Taste Awards in the USA.

Her multiple cookbooks are entertaining and not boring, and almost the whole world loves her receipts. And all the awards for those cookbooks prove it.

Annabelle Langbein leads the way and shows that only hard work and faith in yourself can bring some and there are some good reasons for that! At the end of her inspiring speech, Annabelle shared the secrets of her being young and fit – she leads a healthy lifestyle and eats only meals prepared with love!

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