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10 Rude Coffee Shop Habits You Need to Stop Now

Hogging a table

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While the four-seater table might have the best view in the café, if you’re sitting on your own, don’t be one of those people, said Adina Mahalli, behavior expert writing on behalf of Maple Holistics. “Taking a big table for yourself, whether [if] it’s for the view or the convenient charging port, is not only selfish but downright inconvenient for other customers. Generally speaking, the number of people that you’re with should indicate the size of the table that you choose,” Mahalli said.

Loud notification bings

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Ping! Ping! Ping! Machines are constantly talking to us, mining for our attention. What’s worse, these unwanted noises distract us from what we’re trying to concentrate on. Coffee shops are notoriously loud and set some particular people off. “Many of my therapy clients are triggered by others’ cell use in public spaces, including introverts, people on the autism spectrum, and highly sensitive people,” said Christine Scott-Hudson, licensed psychotherapist and owner of Create Your Life Studio. If you need to attend to something on your phone, try putting it on vibrate so you know when a message is coming and you’re not adding to the cacophony.

Occupying a table for over an hour 


Excluding the quick morning mocha, people go to coffee shops for the ambiance and seating. The more time you occupy a table, the more customers are turned away. But don’t overstay your welcome, because some coffee shops have started to limit WiFi access. Also, please don’t save a seat for someone that’s not with you already—who knows if they’ll actually be there on time. That open seat could leave room for another happy customer.

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