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Different diets are tempting. They promise fantastic results, and in a very short amount of time. But, hey, there is one problem. They work, but ONLY in the short term. 3-5 kg ​​lost during the week of dieting are quickly gained back, taking with them a couple of kilo “friends”.

I actually have lost weight more than six months ago and those kilos didn’t return, and now I can eat everything again. I will tell you how I did it, but do not expect a miracle. I used simple principles that many of us know. And these simple rules do WORK.

Before I tell you about the simple principles of my diet and lifestyle during my weight loss, let me say a few words of introduction.

Let’s begin with the proper preparation for a diet.

weight loss rules

Previously, I usually promised myself that I would start losing weight on Monday. And this meant that the last days of food “debauchery” are ahead. I used them as much as I could.

But after a rich meal at the weekend, I felt so bad. Stomach was full, I had terrible hunger, and a big desire to repeat what I did yesterday. I couldn’t fight it, and the new diet have already ended on Tuesday.

Now I know that the key to success is not to procrastinate and put things off for tomorrow. If you want to lose weight – start today!

Here are some of the basic principles that I followed in order to lose weight:

1. Take it step by step.

Get your first success and see how it motivates you.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that you do need to start gradually. I didn’t immediately stop eating everything that I like. I started to cut off sweets and the fatty dishes, such as chips, fast food and deep-fried products. Over time, I reduced the amount of food and I made it more healthy – for example, I stopped adding oil and mayonnaise into salad, and I replaced chips with zucchini soup. Sounds easy, right?

2. Eating five regular meals a day, always at the same time.

Regular food intake improves metabolism. In addition, the body, gets accustomed to frequent and small portions, and it knows that it does not need to accumulate anything, it already has enough food.

When we know that we will eat soon, we don’t panic, and it is easier for us to endure a diet.

3. Eliminate hidden sugars.

Sometimes we think we eat healthy foods, but in fact we consume a lot of sugar. Sugar is found in yoghurts, juices, fitness bars, and muesli, which we can think of as diet snacks.

Therefore, during the diet (and after it!) it’s best to check the composition of sugar. We should say no to sugar, or eat it sparingly in the first part of the day!

4. Drink at least 1,5 or 2 litters of water per day.

Drinking water works wonders. Do you know that we very often confuse hunger with a feeling of thirst? Therefore it is worth drinking a lot of water. It has no calories!

Another good habit is to drink a glass of water before meals. It is good to drink some warm water in small sips while you eat. Some people say it’s not right to drink while eating, but it worked for me. I ate less food, because my stomach was filled with water.

Water does not dilute any acid – it is a myth that has long been debunked. But it fills the stomach and thus allows us to eat less. But this applies only to warm water!

Cold water, on the contrary, will push food out of the stomach ahead of time, and it can cause (stomach) spasm.

5. Eat more calories in the morning, and fewer calories in the second part of the day.

In the evening it’s best to eat the minimum amount of calories! Everything that is sweet, fatty, containing flour (in other words, harmful to a figure) can be eaten in little quantities and only in the morning.

I love nuts and, despite the fat and calorie content, I don’t avoid them. But I eat them only for the first or second breakfast, in the first part of the day. Because of this, I have a feeling that I indulge myself, and my diet is not as strict as it might seem. I also know that I have time to burn calories from nuts during the day.

6. Plan your meals.

weight loss rules

It is very important that you always have healthy food at home. Therefore, if you go to the cinema, and your meal time happens to be during the movie, take some berries, a banana or an apple with you. Otherwise, you will get out of the cinema super-hungry, and you can overeat at home as a result.

If you go to somewhere, take some healthy snacks with you.

And to never go hungry. Because this is a guarantee for failure.

7. Move your body!

Not everyone likes sports, and I can relate to that. But movement should not mean a couple of hours a day in the gym. You can start with simple things.

Stop using the elevator (where possible) and use stairs instead. Get off one bus stop earlier and walk. Start walking more – for example, not to the store around the corner, but to the one that is located 2-3 km away from you. These are simple tips, but they bring good results.

And of course, you can do even more. Maybe a treadmill? Or bike? The advantage of this type of devices is information about calories burned.

By the way, if you know that you “almost died” in order to burn 200–300 kcal, it will be easier for you to give up your favorite snack.

8. Good amount of sleep

During the diet sleep is extremely important. Each diet is a kind of shock to the body. Therefore, let your body be restored correctly.

Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal disorders, increased levels of stress – and these are all the potential dangers for weight gain. Plus, when you have the lack of energy – the body is trying to fill the gap with food, so it produces the increased appetite, which could not be necessary if you had enough sleep.

9. Good hobbies

The worst thing that can happen during a diet is boredom. When there is nothing to do, thoughts of food can come way too often.

Physical activity is, of course, great, but it does not have to be exercise. Maybe drawing? Book? What class (or training) have you always wanted to go? If you are very busy, it will be easier to not notice those food restrictions during your diet.

10. Weight yourself with reasonable frequency

Too frequent weighing yourself and the craving of quick results can actually demotivate you.

Once a week or every two weeks is enough, because sometimes there are good results, but it shows only in your measurements, and not on the scales. This is because the fat tissue is very light. If we lose fat, then scales can not show it just yet. And if we gain muscle mass (which is heavier), then the weight in general can increase. But the volumes will go away!

I also recommend taking pictures. In the photos  on month later, for example, you can really see the difference.

Final thoughts: Finish your diet the right way

Proper completion of your diet is as important as the diet itself. Even if you lost 7-10 kg, but immediately after the end of the diet you will return to the old type of eating habits, kilograms will return very quickly.  Of course you can allow yourself pizza, deep-fried dishes and even sweets, but you shouldn’t start digging into these junk foods right when your diet is finished.

In the first week, you can add a slice of bread for breakfast or pasta for lunch. Add fried food no sooner than two weeks after your diet, and let it be 1-2 times per week. Do not rush. If you do it gradually, you will still be slim.

Finally: do not give up on your new healthy habits.

Think of all the things your like about loosing weight. Maybe regular meals? Maybe light lunches. Exercise? Maybe it will be worth turning a monthly diet into a lifestyle change?

And again, this does not mean that you will never eat hamburgers, chips or ice cream. But perhaps you don’t need those sweets as often as you thought? Maybe homemade food is better?

What are your favourite weight loss tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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